Thursday, 30 November 2017

(Video)Physical Challenged Mother Murdered Her Baby Barely 24hours After Delivery.

A physically challenged plantain chips seller namely Elohoh recently murdered her child barely 24 hours after delivering. The young woman who is in her late 20’s was said to have put to bed in the house by herself without the assistant of a nurse or midwife, according to her younger sibling who witnessed the devilish act said, Elohor boiled hot water and forced it on the child to kill him but the
child could not take much which ended up burning the entire mouth of the day old child as If that was not enough when the child defied death, she took a rag and tired it around the child nose and mouth which suffocated the child to death. When she noticed that the child was dead she took the corpses and put him on the sack loaded the sack with refuse and plantain pills then gave it to an insane man to throw off early in the morning as refuse.

Watch Video below:

On hearing this, the whole neighborhood was filled with sadness of this evil act done by this woman. Searched was made to all the refuse dump around and finally the corpse of the child was seen with scares and bruises as confessed by the siblings confirming what he has told them. 
As when this report was filled this evil woman has been handed over to security agents at B division of the police force for further investigation and actions also the father of the child is still unknown as she refuse to confess who impregnated her, and also neither the mother or father has shown up.

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