Sunday, 8 January 2017

Nigerian man put ladies on a leash and walk them around like a dog when he goes to social functions

A Nigerian man has sparked massive social media outrage after a bizzare video of his emerged which shows him  leading two girls with a dog leash as he stepped out for an event in Lagos. 

The popular Lagos socialite, whose real name is Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, with the nickname 'Pretty Mike' was spotted at a wedding in the  Nigerian commercial capital of Lagos. He walked in majestically with the two ladies he led by leashes, attracting a mix of bewilderment and shock from the guests.

 This is now attracting wide condemnation amongst Nigerians and other nationales on social media who are describing the act as a ridiculing of womanhood and the female gender. 

Pretty Mike, 30, is a co-owner of Lagos' upscale night club,  Club Uno, formerly Q Club. He was once rumoured to be gay.

This is not the first time Pretty Mike has been seen dragging girls to events with leashes. Just last month, the young entrepreneur who runs the club business with his older brother, Frank ‘Don Nero’ Nwogu, was in the news when similar photos circulated.

However, this is the first time his act has infuriated the public 

Former presidential adviser Reuben Abati has reacted to the video of socialite Pretty Mike with two women in dog leashes at a wedding in Nigeria.

Below are some reactions even as more people have seen the viral photos of Pretty Mike who is suspected to pay peanuts to girls just so he can put them on a leash and walk them around like a dog when he goes to events. And the comments on social media are coming in as expected....

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