Sunday, 25 September 2016

Singer Adekunle Gold insults MTN Project Fame Judges after performing on their show..Proves to us that they have no eyes for true talents...

Over the years,  many ardent viewers of Project Fame have criticised the the  judges for always failing to see true talents and dropping the best singers during auditions.

Infact, somebody once said that if 2face were to audition for Project fame,  the judges would condemned him and concluded he has no future in music. This poor decision of the judges is considered the reason many winners of the show don't eventually become superstars.

As what could be termed as a further proof of the incompetence of the Project Fame Judges, Singer Adekunle Gold shared an interesting testimony with his fans via Snapchat as the 9th season of Project Fame which was won by Okiemute Ighorodje came to an end yesterday.

According to Gold, he auditioned for MTN Project Fame, 7 and 8 years ago, but wasn't picked. Today, he finally performed on the stage of that very show as a celebrity guest performer.

Only God knows how many potential Super stars those people have discouraged from continuing with their music ambition.  Just imagine,  the Adekunle whom they deemed unfit to contest for their reality show two good times,  is now being paid to perform on the same show.  Just imagine their foolishness....

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