Tuesday, 16 August 2016

This is not your room- British female Olympic cyclists warn male compatriots

The British female Olympic cycling team have been forced to stick a note on the door of their room warning their male counterparts to keep out.

The girls penned the light-hearted missive following the lads' incredible gold medal win against the Australian team last night.

It appears the men’s' team had accidentally strayed into the women's dorm before - and may well have done so again following a few celebratory tipples.

The good-natured warning reads:

 "To the team pursuit men, congratulations. As we're guessing you're probably gonna be drunk by the time you read this, and a few of you have already come into our room accidentally - just a friendly reminder that this is not your room. So please don't try and get in at 4am.

"Love, the girls.”

"PS - If you're really stuck, your room is <------ that way."

A picture of the note was posted to Twitter by Owain Doull, of the men's team, with the message:

"Hats off to the girls they know us too well."

Via~The Mirror

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