Wednesday, 1 June 2016

This Is Why It's Good To Be Good, Armed robber caught after receiving N5k sympathy gift from his victim (Photo)

26 year old armed robbery suspect, Ifeanyi Smart, has been arrested inside a hospital around Mile Two, Lagos state, after he received N5000 sympathy gift from a man named Cyril Uba whom he had robbed at his residence on Bola Lateef crescent, Lakeview Estate, Amuwo Odofin recently.

Ifeanyi carried out the robbery attack alongside his accomplice named Deji who is presently on the run. The Nation reports that Ifeanyi confessed to have gone with his accomplice to rob Cyril when he sustained some injuries during a fight with his victim.

“As soon as we entered the man’s room, I tried to hit him with an axe I was holding but he blocked it with his hand and gave me a head blow. I lost balance and he took the axe from me and hit it on Deji. So, we ran out of the house with serious wounds and the man was chasing us. Later in the morning, I went to AMC Hospital around Mile Two to treat my injury. I did not know that the man was also being treated in the same hospital. At the hospital I was shouting that I was hungry and I don’t have money. The man who was in another ward heard someone screaming and sent N5, 000. He did not know I was the one and I did not know him either. I really did not know the house we went to because it was Deji who took me there. So, after collecting the money, I decided to go and thank the good man who gave a stranger N5,000 to eat. After thanking the man, I went back to the place they were treating me. That’s where I was before the police came and arrested me.”

According to a Police source, the Victim had gone the same hospital to treat injuries he sustained during the attack. On sighting Ifeanyi, the victim immediately called on his househelp who said she noticed that one of the robbers had a tattoo with the inscription, “the Lord is my Shepherd.”

“When the man gave him the money. He did not know it was the people who have robbed him until the suspect went and thanked him. As soon as the suspect approached the man, he saw the tattoo and also saw his injury, which was at the same spot he hit him. So, the man called the maid to come and gave her another N5, 000 to go and give the suspect in order to identify him. As soon as the maid saw the suspect, she recognised him as the person who tied her. That was how we arrested him,” the police source said

The Lagos state police command spokesperson, Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident and said that efforts were being made to arrest Ifeanyi's accomplice who is presently on the run.

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