Friday, 17 June 2016

Actress Genevieve Nnaji Disgraced Over N18,000 By A Lagos Boutique

So, a young man named Kingsley Ejikeme called out the one and only Genevieve  Nnaji this week accusing her of owing him N18,000.

"Is this boy normal? How can a whole Genny owe a chicken N18,000?", "Attention seeker!", is the sort of question or thought that would have popped into anyone's mind.

But when Genevieve did not respond to such an image-staining allegation, one cannot but believe the authenticity of Ejikeme's claim especially as the dude while making these accusation copied Genevieve's social media handle inorder to ensure she sees each of his statements which have now gone viral.

The dude confidently went on social media and announced that the 'almighty' Genny came into their boutique
in Lekki to buy a gown that is worth N98,000 and only paid N80,000 promising to pay him the balance.

According to him, "since then, she zoomed off and never came back".

The young man explained that all effort to reach her privately proved abortive, and that was why he had to make the matter public.

"I have tried to reach her privately through her manager, but they keep restraining".

However the young man hours ago announced that the actress had returned to their boutique to pay the N18,000, but his further explanation might make you speechless; it seems his madam and Genevieve are turning the table against him.

Read exactly how he posted it; "People have so insulted me for days now over this. But how can I blame them?. Genny and her manager Harry and two ladies came to our shop today, returned the cloth and paid the balance and left with very harsh words that made me know I will barely last a few days at work."

"Genny. I really never wished to go public, but my boss threatened me with sack that's why I acted that way. I love Genny. I Am a huge fan of hers, why will I want to taint her image. I love her, even if I am given the chance now, I will marry her. See, what truly happened. Genevieve came to our shop last week, i wasn't really excited because i have seen her a couple of times,saw a gown and liked it, my boss was sitting at her usual corner, so I attended to her. I told her the gown is 98k, she said she's with 80, but her manager harry, will get me my 18k before the evening and she's not with her credit card. I never bothered because I felt the amount balance is nothing to her,waited till evening, days and she or her manager never showed up," he continued.

Continue to read; " Anytime the manager drives past our shop with her inside, I try waving them down but they do drive pass. I am just glad I got the money back today.  Though she has blocked me on her IG page and called me a pig."

Yes, the only thing Genevieve could say amid the serious scandal is; "Don't ever wrestle with a pig. You'll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it", which she posted on her instagram page hours ago.

The dude insisted he never intended to stain Genevieve's name, but all he wanted was his balance; which was why he declined to grant interview to some media house who reached out to him on the matter. 

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