Friday, 3 June 2016

Actress Chika Ike On Vacation In Dubai, Hope We Are Save?

Chika Ike with Manager (right) 
We ask that question because the last time the actress traveled to Dubai on Vacation, it stirred too much dust on social media to the extent that outspoken Nollywood actor, director and social critic, Charles Novia had to react.
The actress attacked our eyes with too many photos that has to do with Dubai, the only thing she didn't do was to show us relieving herself in a Dubai toilet.

This lead to many of her fans blasting her and her manager Serah Donald, with whom she traveled with for what some of them described as she behaving like an “mbeke”, “Money Miss Road” and “Village Girl.” Some of them even accused her of being sponsored by her “Aristo”.

Charles Novia reacts to her showing off; “It all boils down to my point. And by the way, that picture I saw of the yacht is suspect. The damned thing looked like a cruise boat which the obtuse PA might have mistaken for a yacht though. Anyway, my point is, in this clime we live in, our so-called celebrities, coming from a background of social, material and emotional deprivation just have to force the public to know that they have arrived. So, a boat trip, a helicopter ride, a breakfast in a 3 star hotel lobby and a personal scratch on the ass must make the news at all costs’

They ofcourse attacked some of the fans back including Charles Novia.

Chika Ike is back in Dubai this year on the same vacation and she has also started sharing pictures.  

Hope she would learn not to over do it this time? . 

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