Sunday, 7 February 2016

Pics: See how TY Bello turned Agege bread seller Into a stunning model, covers ThisDay Style

TY Bello just shared this on her Instagram page. This now famous Agege bread seller coincidentally walked by while TY was handling Nigerian-British rapper, Tinie Tempah's Street theme photoshoot last  week and the bread seller was accidentally featured in one of the photos. When the photo was released, people started asking if the lady  was a model because of the way she fitted so perfectly into the shoot. Long after the shoot, TY decided to go back to the location to look for her.  She finally found her. Now, TY Bello is bent on changing her story by making her a successful fashion model.  Today, Sunday,  8 February 2016 the AGEGE BREAD SELLER graced the frontpage of Thisday Style Magazine. Many experienced model are even still dreaming of being featured in this magazine but this bread seller named Olajumoke Orisaguna posed comfortably on the cover of the prestigious mag.  Today, her story has changed.

"Someone special our #olajumoke made it on the cover of this day style this morning . You all should buy one . This just made me cry . She really is a blessed woman with an amazing story . I almost cant believe it!" TY Bello wrote as she shared the photos.

As the saying goes,"nobody is ugly, they are just broke". The lady is currently trending on Twitter..

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