Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ritualists pluck out boys' two eyes in Zaria

This little boy fell victim of those living in an ungodly manner(ritualist). Ritualists are common in the Northern part of Nigeria where they believe taking a part of human body can be used for magical rituals to get rich. Some umknow ritualist have now plucked out this little boy's eyes in Zaria, Northern Nigeria while the boy was playing around. They of course escaped afterwards. 

Some unknown evil assailants suspected to be ritualists have plucked out the eyes of a young boy in Zaria, Kaduna State.

According to a concerned citizen, Musa Saqafa, the sight of the poor boy with blood dripping from the eye sockets brought tears to many who saw him.

Posting on his Facebook page, Saqafa who is based in the Hausa speaking part of Nigeria and who wrote in Hausa language, said:

"Oh Allah, we are begging you in the name of your son, deliver us from those we know and those we do not know.This little boy's eyes were plucked by people who are looking for wealth by all means and in the most atrocious way, in Zaria. Do not allow them to have peace of mind in this world. Let them meet their doom like in the days of Prophets Shuaibu, Salihu and that of Nuhu. May you also heal this boy, give him good health and guide him, Amen."

Speaking to Daily Trust Newspaper at the hospital where the boy was taken for treatment, the boy's mother Malama Hadiza said she would never forget the incident for the rest of her life. “I’d given him N5 to buy sweets on his way, on Sunday, January 24. He left the house with his brother Umar, but on their way they were intercepted by yet-to-be identified men who took him to an uncompleted building and gouged his eyes out.”

At the hospital, little Abubakar was telling those around him to open his eyes to enable him see his mother and grandmother. 

“Open my eyes, I want to see Mama. Mama, where are you? Where’s Grandma?” he kept wailing.

Doctors say the boy will have to spend the rest of his life blind. Meanwhile, police say they are still investigating the perpetrators of the act. 

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