Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Photos: Lead City University welcomes its clinic's first ever baby since 10 years of establishment

According to a reader Remi Oginni, an ex student of the institution and an upcoming Nollywood actor who sent in the photos yesterday Dec. 15, below is what he wrote...

Oladosu Busayo a sandwich Student of the Lead City University delivered a bouncing baby boy in the school's clinic, the first  since the existence of the institution 10years ago. 

Though the clinic attends to other matters, the school management just approved the maternity section this month. Lead City University just celebrated the 10th Anniversary last month. Lead City was also among the NUC 2015, 1st 35 University In Nigeria. I was on a movie Location in the school premises today when I heard about it. What a plus to the school's Profile. I say a big congrats to Oladosu Busayo for making history for giving birth to the school clinic's first ever baby.

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