Monday, 9 November 2015

Governor Fayose pictured buying Asun (goat meat) in Ado Ekiti

Anything for publicity! Governor Ayo Fayose was was said to have visited the Awedele market, Ado Ekiti to check on traders who relocated from the demolished Oja Oba as well as inspect the level of work done on Awedele road dualisation today and as he was about getting to the tail end of the road, young guys preparing asun (goat meat), delicacy greeted him, and the governor got down to buy some and served himself. BUT NIGERIANS, DONT YOU THINK IT'S ABOUT TIME WE KEPT OUR MINDS OPEN INSTEAD OF QUICKLY FALLING HEAD OVER-HEELS FOR PHOTOS LIKE THESE? THERE HAS BEEN AN UPSURG OF POLICITICIANS RELEASING THESE KINDS OF PHOTOS TO THE PUBLIC IN RECENT TIMES, A TREND WHICH STARTED DURING THE LAST ELECTION CAMPAIGNS. IF NOT ONE POLITICIAN WASHING THE FEET OF A SHOE-MAKER TODAY, IT IS ANOTHER ONE HELPING AN OLD WOMAN TO FRY AKARA AT THE MARKET SQUARE TOMORROW; COULDN'T THESE PHOTOS HAVE BEEN PRE-PLANNED FOR PUBLICITY AND PR? PLEASE LET'S START ASKING QUESTIONS BEFORE FALLING FOR THESE THINGS. WE JUST THOUGHT TO GIVE YOU THAT LITTLE CAVEAT. More photos below...

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