Friday, 20 November 2015

3 UNIBEN students in alleged s*xtape scandal (See Photo)

How can a guy be this FOOLISH? You went into  a room with your friend and a lady to have a wild fun. Instead of you to focus on what you are in the room to do, you were busy taking a selfie while your friend is already getting down with the lady. As if that wasn't enough, before you joined them on the bed, you set the phone's video camera and place it on the table to capture all the action. You didn't even delete the video after the whole fun-making; now someone has got hold of the video and leaked it putting you, your friend and the innocent girl in trouble. That's the story behind this photo, according to those claiming to be UNIBEN's students circulating it on social media. We will bring you the video as soon as we lay our hands on it. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not video yourself anytime you are making love; it might eventually get into a wrong hand. **YOU'VE BEEN WARNED**

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