Monday, 12 October 2015

WTF? Darey Art-Alade goes completely unclad on Instagram! (See Photo)

And he has joined them! Darey Art-Alade posted the photo and wrote: ''Hmmmm #Word#Repost @lindaejiofor with @repostapp. ・・・ Fame comes a lot of expectations and perfection is one of them. Everyone believes your life is 100% perfect because this job requires a smile everytime the camera is turned on. But behind every famous "put together" celebrity is a vulnerable #Unclad person. Take away the pretty clothes and we all have one thing in common. I'm just as human as you. Own your true self. You're perfect in your imperfection #DareyNaked #LindaNaked #LindaEjiofor #GodIsGood #GratefulEveryDay cc @dareydarey mista.uriahNo disrespect buh we've seen enuf of d pic...its kul, we get it @dareydarey''

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