Thursday, 8 October 2015

UNILAG Geology students trapped in Sango as their buses break down for hours, accuse management of risking their lives

Some Geology student of UNILAG have written in to splendormag this night to complain that they are currently stranded somewhere in Iyana Ipaja after their bus broke down as they are on their way from a field trip in Ilaro. They are blaming the school authority for showing a lackadaisical attitude.

Read what one of them wrote in...

Please, on behalf of Geology students of UNILAG, I want to notify you of our dilema at the moment. We went on field trip in Ilaro, organised by the school. We went in the school buses. They were supposed to go with 4, but one of the buses was bad and we had to go with just 3 while some students had to stand in the bus throughout the journey. On getting to the place,we felt disappointed because the visit was meaningless to us as we didn't spend up to an hour before we started heading back to Lagos again. On our way back to Lagos just this night, one of the buses broke down in a lowly part around Sango. We got a Mechanic to fix it. Now, on getting to Iyana Ipaja, another bus broke down again. The sad thing is that it was only one lecturer who joined the students in one of the buses. The other lecturers were in their private fully air-conditioned cars. When one of the buses broke down, the other buses waited with just one lecturer with us while the other lecturers abandoned us there and went their ways. Since 8:10pm up till this moment(9:50pm), the lecturer left us in the bus with another person to look for a Mechanic at Iyana IPaja area. We couldn't find any Mechanic due to the rain. And It's only this lecturer commanding the 3 buses. The lecturer told us that we can't come out of the buses, so that people don't know exactly what's going on. He said he doesn't want members of the public to make a news out of it. Some of us who parked our cars on the school premises before going to Ilaro in the school buses told the lecturer to allow us leave and get our cars from the school premises instead of waiting for this broken down bus to be fixed, the lecturer is now saying that we must write a letter of permission at the spot before we can leave. And we need to go home to our families. I'm a married woman, my children and husband are worried.

Some of my school mates here are telling me this is one of the most dangerous places in lagos which the police recently asked people to steer clear of at night. But here we are stuck there.

It's so sad that UNILAG is putting our lives in danger. Imagine being out at a place like this at this time of the night. Not even in Nigeria of nowadays that we hear about crimes everywhere. The Lagos Police PRO is already aware of this because I heard some of the students have called him. Please I want the public to know that should anything bad happens to us, UNILAG management is to blame. Thank you."

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