Sunday, 25 October 2015

LMAO!!! See how Nigerians on Twitter 'finished' Kiss Daniel over his performance at MBGN finale last night

The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) pageant held yesterday and was hosted by the beautiful city of Calabar. In performance was the "Woju" crooner, Kiss Daniel.

He performed his two songs, Laye and Woju, to an "in-the-mood-to-party" audience but didn't quite impress.

Fans took to social media to pour out their thoughts. And we heard Kiss Daniel recently turned down an offer to pay him 5million to feature for 3 seconds in their advert. He insisted on 10million. Read comments below and the said video of his performance to rate it yourself...

Incase you can't read the above screengrabs clearly, read below...

Kiss Daniel's performance at the #MBGN2015 is the worst I've seen
of any artiste in recent times! Only Mc Galaxy performed there
— Tha Infectious! (@DeejayKayce) October 24, 2015

Kiss Daniel performed like he was paid #1500 to perform so he just
gave us what the money is worth
Miss Anambra
#MBGN2015 — fäìth $tæue (@ambapeter_amber) October 24, 2015

Kiss Daniel was just lip syncing. It was so unprofessional. That
moment a big star performs and no one feels his presence
— Ifeanyi C Ejike (@ifex_ce) October 24, 2015

#AdForumCo Sure Kiss Daniel just drove on the streets of Calabar
and asked random girls "you sabi dance?" And they answered
"yeollz". — AdForumCo (@AdForumCo) October 24, 2015

Can we talk about kiss Daniel's performance
— R O G U E (@thetemitayo) October 24, 2015

How can you say you dare kiss Daniel to sing a third song
— David (@Davidplies) October 24, 2015

Kiss daniel, thank u for playing the cd of laye for us instead of
performing. have the song on my fone sha. Okwa maka next
time. #MBGN2015
— Utchaay-nnaya (@americanajebota) October 24, 2015

The hosts, kiss Daniel , Miss Edo's make up and accent terrible
#MBGN2015 — THE GODFATHER (@Kas_Tx) October 24, 2015

Kiss Daniel forgot his dancers at home so he just picked two girls
from the road
— Amara
(@AmaraIsQueen) October 24, 2015

lmfao Kiss Daniel put mic for yansh the song still they play — Travis
Bickle (@Darthcoal) October 24, 2015

If you tell Kiss Daniel to recite abcd to z.. He will lick his lips 26
— Cass (@cass_ralph) October 24, 2015

Kiss Daniel is always dancing like we're doing Social Night and he's
in SS2. — Nick (@Kingwole) October 24, 2015
Smh " @Ola_Ope : Lol" @iamurbanaira : Lmao " @KingOpe_Nelson :

They should have just played cd instead of inviting kiss Daniel""
— мαвяσυq (@iam_mabrouq) October 24, 2015

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