Thursday, 22 October 2015

Brilliant radio journalist/PR guru, Celestine Osemeilu marks 12 years on the job

Celestine Osemeilu is currently one of the geniuses in the Nigerian radio world. Celestine started off his journalism career twelve years ago with so much zeal. His major focus was to be the very best and develop formulas for information gathering with ease. Today he is a household name among the who-is-who in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He shares an interesting story of his journey into radio...

When I initially started back in 2003, my journalistic views or perhaps interest were centred around politics, business & the environment... I never loved entertainment that much. Something changed and before I realized, I saw myself doing entertainment and paying less attention to those other areas I used to love. All these happened because when I joined Metro 97.7FM which is a band of Radio Nigeria I want allow to handle any of those beats because it was perceived to be for only matured elderly people, so I was forced to love what people within my age are allowed to do which was entertainment. I started off as a rookie. Started building network within the entertainment industry. I attended virtually all entertainment events first the first two be it relevant or irrelevant. I had a focus and that was to be a master in my little space before venturing into bigger one. Little did I know that my new found love will give birth to other business around showbiz for me. I started off my own media and entertainment Pin outfit called 360 Media Services. I started media productions and entertainment and event management. I manage and did stuff with couple of Nigeria's finest showbiz personalities such as Kween, Timmy Chris, Rexx of Pincode, Ruffcoin (NwaAba) and hosts of others. I also manage alot of events as well such as Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA) handling the media and logistics, I was the event planner for three years in a roll for Big Bold and Beautiful pageant for plus size. I have been involved in a lot of voluntary service in the show business. Back to my radio journey,  there are people I will forever be grateful to for helping me grow in this highly competitive but enjoyable career. The names are just enormous. @funmiiyanda thought me how to believe in myself and have self confidence in all I do just before I joined radio in 2007.  Mrs. Ndidi OSAKA the General Manager at that time, Alaoma NWAOGBE, Cordelia OKPEI currently General Manager Metro FM, Funke Treasure DURODOLA General Manager Radio 1, Charles Anazodo who took time to explain the rudiments of the profession while working with them on radio. Chris D Razor of Beat FM and Juliet Obata of TVC were two significant people I will never forget. Despite the strict measures then in the station for barred unauthorized person's voice to be heard on air they went ahead. Juliet pushed to act quick in all I do.

We started a programme then called "Divas" an all female entertainment programme where female entertainer who have accomplished ate celebrated both home and abroad. I had challenges, they were times I will feel like quitting, something kept saying it's normal process in life. I have never regretted been with Metro. I worked diligently and totally I head the entertainment and social media unit of the station.
My RADIO journey started 8 YEARS ago October 19, 2007.

Thanks to all that played a pivotal role in the realization of this dream.

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