Saturday, 10 October 2015

10 Hot Nigerian Female Celebrities Not in Relationship with "Six-Pack" Men

Article written by Splendormag's Kelechi Stephenson. Enjoy...

There is a saying that women often say what they do not mean. I have noticed that this seems to be true when it comes to Nigerian women's relationship in terms of what society believe these women are looking for in a man and what they usually settle for. For instance, there is this perception that Nigerian women prefer a man who looks like Hollywood actor Idris Elba, and most articles on dating and sexual attraction always tell men to look hot and sexy with six pacs and what have you. If you are just an afraid guy living a sedentary life, you'll get confuse since you wouldn't know where to start from.

But have you noticed that most of the Nigeran sex tapes on the internet shows mostly average looking, scrawny, pot bellied, or fat dude drilling some hot Naija babes? Even most times, short dude that women often insult are the ones having a field day in these tapes!

Funny enough, the noise about girls and love for brawny, six-packed, and 'hot looking' guys alone will make u believe that the average guys are not getting 'some' at all.

The deal breaker for me is the way many of our Nigerian female celebrities despite always being paired with 'hot guys' on TV are ending up with 1-pack kinda guys in real life. Isn't that amazing?

Think about it, even OAP Toolz whom everybody knows will empty her bank account to get-away with Idris Elba, is getting married to an average looking Captain Demuren soon. Haha, you see? brings you 10 examples of hot Nigerian female celebs whose spouses are nothing near what society, media or fashion industry describe as "hot". Most of them don't even have fine faces, but their hot women are/were crazy about them.

1. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe is a lady so beautiful, thousands of "tall, dark and handsome guys" will wish to date, but the beautiful actress is happily married to Larry Gentry, a man you can not likened to a Hollywood prince charming.

2. Tonto Dikeh

When Tonko Dikeh announced her man, Oladunni Churchill many expected to see the proverbial "tall, dark and handsome" dude, but lo and behold, the sweet heart of our dear Tonto is just an average looking guy in stature. And you can see his small belly in most of their photos.

3. Dabota Lawson-Aku

Isn't it a surprise that someone like Dabota Lawson, former Miss Nigeria UK who is coming from the world of modeling which parades only men with well chiseled body has vowed to spend the rest of her life with owner of Novena Majestic Furniture Prince Sunny Aku? She even dwarfs the scrawny looking man and she looks very happy.

4. Mercy johnson

Mercy Johnson has been the dream of every man out there ever since she began acting. With such a voluptuous body, the man that has tickled her fancy is Prince Odianosen Okojie

5. Laide Bakare

One of the most sought after beautiful Yoruba actress, Laide Bakare is been married to two men so far and they are both not an Idris Elba kind of guy. First one is Olumide Okufulure whom she left in 2011, and now Alhaji Mutairu Atanda Orilowo whom she is currently married to.

6. Foluke Daramola Salako

How many African men don't like a fully endowed woman? Foluke Daramola is the dream of most men, but while many Idris Elbas of this world can only have her in their dreams, Kayode Salako is her "Oga at the Top".

7. Omoni Oboli

Just check out beautful actress Omoni Oboli's husband. He looks like an average church brother; tiny looking. Like many Nigerian ladies will say " the dude no grab". But he's cool and hot with Omoni Oboli.

8.Chika Ike

Though they are divorced now, but Tony Eberiri was her ultimate man for some years. We all know that Chika Ike has been one of the hottest actresses in town.

9. Ini Edo

The irresistible Ini Edo was married to Philip Ehiagwina from 2008 to 2004. Philip like most Naija babes do say, is "just there" lookwise.

10. Isabella Ayuk

Former MBGN Issabella Ayuk unveiled her fiance not long ago. Check him out and tell us if he looks anything near an Idris Elba.

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