Tuesday, 13 October 2015

10 Celebs that love to Flaunt their manhoods' size in Public

Most of them have several eggplant photos of themselves on social media. Whether to say they can't really control their eggplants or they just like to show it off, we really can't choose between the two. The disappointing part however is that a lot of them are blessed with nothing but a tiny, travel-size sort of manhood. Let's take a peep...;)
1. Banky W

We first got a sneak peek into what Banky W's eggplant looks like in size while posing with some secondary school girls sometimes back.

2. Swanky Jerry

Tonto Dikeh's best friend forever and popular celebrity stylist is believed to be not too impressive down there. As a matter of fact, many believe that he stuffed an object in his boxers shorts when he took this photo sometimes back just to create an impression of a giant size.

3. Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme may be called a Nollywood hunk judging by his look, but ever since this photo of him with a hard-on hit the social media, many ladies have had to conclude that he doesn't seem to be a hunk down below. It's kind of disappointing that all he could attain was such a size despite being sandwiched between this bevy of egg-plant-turbo-charging females.

4. African China

The Ajegunle singer is not really that impressive as we can see in his Jacuzzi hard-on photo, however he wasn't ashamed to take photos with it.

5. Elvis Chuks

We stand to be corrected though. Perhaps, it will get bigger outside the water. Elvis seems to be in the same class with African China, not something to applaud for someone of such a big bodily frame. But like African China, he is never ashamed to take a photo. #Proudpapa! 

6. D'banj

D'banj is the biggest disappointment here actually. For many years, he has been screaming the "Koko" and inundating us with the noise of that rubbish. But just when we expect to finally see the size of the Koko...when we expect to see something out of this world; this is all D'banj has got to offer at the end of the day. SMH! Looks like he was cupping a tennis ball in his palm. This is not Ejanla at all, but Eja Kekere.

7. Wale Gates

When it comes to the size of celebs eggplants, UK based
Nigerian comedian, Wale Gates is the 'Jagaban!' He makes it looks like the bigger a man's head, the bigger the size of his joystick. This dude's eggplant can cause an internal bleeding.

8. Psquare
Behold, another 'Jagabans'. The(especially Peter) are always showing off. But the council of eggplant elders are still closely observing them as they are not hundred percent sure if they deserves that chieftaincy title. There seems to be something suspicious. Sometimes, their eggplants in pics look like photoshop, but time will tell.

9. Davido

Obviously, Davido is not only big financially as OBO, he is equally big eggplant-wise. Atleast, he surpasses natural expectation as he doesn't look like he'll pack that much under at all but just check out the photo.

10. Solidstar

Solidstar recently shared photo of his eggplant and scored himself saying he tried! For the ladies of course..:-). He shared the photo and wrote "Hey hope u dint see anything?
just trying to see how s3xy i look on boxers.. e b like say i try..#inmyhead" Hmm, ok. What do you think?

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