Saturday, 19 September 2015

Yoruba actress removes her jeans to prove that her bum and hips are not fake, says "My Private Part is not for public consumption"

Tonia Ferrari Okoro is a fast-rising actress of Nigerian-Cameroonian descent.
The actress who has acted in several popular Yoruba movies such as Olosho, Ewe Aje and others, in an interview with Vanguard dropped a bombshell. Read what she said...

First, she speaks on sexual harassment in the industry;

"I have never experienced what you would call sexual harassment in the industry. What is sexual harassment? Is it when a guy asks a woman out? Is it when a man and a woman in the same job decide to date each other? Most situations we call sexual harassment are normal man-woman love relations. Has anybody raped or slept with anybody by force? If a senior colleague asks you it doesn't amount to sexual harassment in my own estimation. I have been asked out several times and I won't call that sexual harassment. Anyone that asks me out and I say no, and he decides to take it personal, that's his headache. I have got one 'honey pot' and it's not for public use. It's a precious sweet part for a special person."

Can she act a nude role?

"I honestly have no limits when it comes to acting. As an actress, I believe I should be able to take on any role given to me, as long as it not in disharmony with my values and beliefs. As an African woman, I cannot go Unclad of course. I think the normal fake romance on set is the maximum I can for now. When it comes to sex scenes I can do that too but not to the extent of going Unclad and showing my privates to the world."

On the craziest thing she has ever done;

"That will be when some actors accused me of wearing fake hips and bum. At first I thought it was a joke but they were dead serious about it. They went on and on about it that I had to prove it to them that I am all natural. So, I pulled down my jeans and showed them my Unclad bum. They were transfixed and could not talk for moments. I know I have a fresh and beautiful bum. It was so crazy I couldn't believe I did what I did. Even the guys were confused. Don't think I am wayward or something, I believe so much in decency but their accusation made me lose my head. I even told them to touch it and confirm but they just stared in disbelief.
What followed after seeing the big fresh bum
Of course, after getting an eyeful of my fresh bum one of them started getting funny ideas."

Tonia Ferrari explain further;
"I have got a nice butt and I know it. When he asked me out I wasn't surprised but I shocked him by turning him down. He tried and tried but failed to get to me.

Asked to talk about her ideal man;

"My ideal man must be tall because I am not tall. He must not be fat because I don't like fat guys. But more importantly, a guy that fears God, intelligent and who speaks with wisdom. I don't like guys who are talkative."

What about a poor guy with all her qualities in a man?

Are you kidding me? Poor guys are a definite no for me. If he is intelligent, God-fearing and with wisdom, he can't be poor except he is under some diabolical spell.

She also spoke about Yoruba actresses and lack of 'swag'

"They've not seen us well. Have you seen Ferrari? Have you seen Sotayo Sobola? Mercy Aigbe, Mide Martins and many others? When you talk of swag, we are simply too much."

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