Sunday, 27 September 2015

Splendor Exclusive: Nigerian youths now visit "mad men" and "imbeciles" for sports bets winning numbers (See Photos)

This is Mustapha a.k.a Musty, a physically challenged youth in the Ketu area of Lagos state that has become an idol of sort among gamblers and sport bettors.

For those who may not be aware, there has been this strong belief among many gamblers and sport bettors that lunatics, and people with certain type of disabilities have a special divination gift that can help them to predict correctly winning numbers for all kinds of lotteries. In the gamblers words, these kinds of people are "spirits" and they can see what we humans don't see. gathered that Musty was born with a certain birth disorder that left him deformed and mute and he was only known to beg around for stipends in the area, until lately that there has been very huge demand for him by gamblers in the area who will corner him, and give him writing materials to scribble certain numerical codes for them.

"Yes it's true, Musty is an imbecile(local but derogatory term for the deformed or those with Down Syndrome). This all started after Musty wrote numbers for a guy named, Kola a motor park tout in the area and he won 5million naira when he played with the code. The news went round and now everybody want a piece of Musty. They will give him N50, a pen and paper, to write winning numbers for them. It's unfortunate what unemployment has turned our youths into. They are just exploiting the young man," a resident in the area told

Another source disclosed that it has even gotten to a point whereby some desperate boys in the area will give Musty stipends and still invite him to a local pepper soup joint for a treat and afterwards get him to write out 'winning numbers' for them.

However, the authenticity of Musty's magic numbers are being placed under scrutiny in the Ketu area as many gamblers have complained that more often than not, they end up losing even despite playing sport bets with the young man's number.

But this, according to another residence hasn't stopped many from seeking Musty's magic numbers hoping to win big in lottery with the 'numbers from the spirit world'.

Speaking, a sport bettor bears his on the matter; "Many guys in the area have different opinions about Musty's ability to give them sure (winning) numbers. I don't know how true it is but a lot of people have claimed to win big after collecting numbers from the boy, but for me I don't believe in such things."

The other side to the coin now is that, we gathered that Musty now goes about with a pen and paper notebook pointing it to every passerby offering to give them numbers.

When our reporter went to meet Musty, all he did throughout was to point his paper and pen to the reporter. He scribbled different sets of number codes on his paper and like a drug addict who needed to exchange his money for crack, Musty persistently and passionately waved the paper to our reporter with hope of exchanging it for a stipend.

Else where in the Ikorodu area of the state, there is a "mad man" popularly known as "Professor" along the Ijede road who is known for always inscribing all kinds of arithmetic formula on the road culvert with a white chalk. Boys in the area also believe that the "Professor" usually writes out secret lottery winning numbers in the morning around 5am and if you are 'lucky' enough to be along the road at that time of the day and copy the "magic numbers" from the culvert, you'll win a jackpot if you play your 'game' with them.

Some boys reportedly almost pushed themselves into a speeding on coming lorry recently while scrambling to be first to copy out "professor's" magic numbers.

Not only gamblers patronise the "professor" however, students who want to pass their WAEC and NECO believe that somewhere in all the formula the professor scribbles down on that culvert are the answers to some of the toughest Maths and Further Maths questions that will be asked in the next WAEC and NECO exams.

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