Monday, 14 September 2015

Rapper 2shotz finally meets his daughter 6 months after she was born, the reason is sympathetic (photo)

Rapper 2shotz whose career has long nose-dived, and his wife Precious Jones welcomed their baby, a girl in March 2015 in Ireland. But he's just seeing the baby 6 months after she was born! We got to know today after he shared the photo above and wrote "This feeling is unimaginable. After waiting for 6 months, I finally see my bae".

A lot of people have been asking questions online as to why he's just seeing his precious baby, the best gift of his life, when he could have from day one traveled to Ireland to meet the mother and child like his other colleagues usually do.

It's not as if a baby is a consignment whose owner had to wait for that long to arrive. Some people seem to have the best answer to the puzzle, as they claim that the 2shotz could not afford air ticket for his wife and baby to come back home not to talk of him going to join them, after spending his last penny to make sure his first child was born in "Obodo Oyinbo". According to them, it's not even certain if he has a visa.

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