Sunday, 16 August 2015

MUST-READ:Lady Vomitting Blood In Ikorodu Was Not A RunsGirl,Not Thrown From Car

Without beating around the bush, she was not a runs-girl and she was not dropped from any vehicle. Her real name is Jummie and her brother name Samuel Abayomi living in Ikorodu Lagos has come out to debunk the rumour. The family is devastated by the loss of this young girl. More saddening is the fact that the social media and especially bloggers have capitalised on her picture to get traffic to their blogs by decieving the public that she was a runs girl. This is adding to the sadness of the family. Fellow bloggers please, have the fear of God and delete this fake story from your blogs.

Here is how Samuel narrated what happened on his Facebook page: "She slumped and died,while she was in pool of blood. Some miscreants took her photograph instead of helping her and then posted it online saying she was dropped from a car and blood was gushing out from her mouth and even private part. It's a big LIE. THE LADY IS MY YOUNGER SISTER. She was coming from A TUTORIAL CLASS AT PROPER ARSENAL,BENSON BUS STOP,IKORODU LAGOS STATE. SHE'S BEEN SICK FOR SOMETIME AND ALWAYS BEEN TAKING CARE OF. THE UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT HAPPENED and she died because nobody rescued or helped her. She's been buried. I pray this will never happen to any of us. Please join me in CONDEMNING THE POST in NAIRA LAND through
METROCITY.COM that she was dropped from a car and blood was coming out of her private part. You can get the news via google. WHAT HAPPENED AT BENSON BUS STOP,IKORODU LAGOS,YESTERDAY.THANKS".

He also posted:"Pls join me in the campaign against the horrible picture of my sister uploaded. It should be DELETED. PLSSS"

Also posted this "Jummie God loves you the most"

For confirmation, here is the guy's facebook page.

Bloggers, once again on behalf of the Abayomi family, kindly delete this false story. Let's respect the dead. MAY WE NOT BE VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCES. AMEN!

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