Friday, 28 August 2015

Is It Time For D’banj To Hang It Up?

Article written by Abisola Alawode...

Following the release of his latest single titled Confidential which also features Driis (Idris Elba) and Shadow Boxer, Aribaba of reviews the song and asks a very important question.

D'banj will forever be a great. A living legend and one of those that paved the way for most of the new artists out here today, but there comes a time when everyone has to bow out. Over the past year, D'banj has released 5+ singles, and with the exception of Feeling The N**** ft. Akon, you can argue that none of them have really hit the mark.

After listening to his new/re-released single, Confidential, I've been convinced that it might be time for D'banj to hang it up musically… or at least take a step back, reflect, and possibly make a real comeback. When you're having to put out songs where the chorus says "I take you to the right spot, dancing on your g-spot", or you have lines like "if you're sitting down, you're sitting on a long ting, but the only long ting, must be a strong ting, you're with the kokomaster it's a fun ting", it's really time to hang it up.

Great artists reinvent themselves and adapt with the times. Maybe this could fly in 2008, but in 2015 it's not working. The beat is decent, but the lyrics killed any kind of goodwill the beat and production might have brought. The other verses by Idris Elba (Driis) and Shadow Boxer are not bad, but nothing wowing!

Like I said earlier, D'banj is one of the greats, and nothing will make me happier than seeing him really mount an epic comeback, but if he continues to release stuff like this, I'm afraid it might be time to hang it up, and go upper management.

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