Sunday, 19 July 2015

Pres. Buhari's 'same-sex' delegation to the US gets people talking

President Buhari left for the US this morning after he recently received a very rare invitation from President Obama for a meeting. The meeting is historic because it was the first time the US leader has invited a newly Nigerian President in barely two months in office.

Buhari will be staying at the Blair House in Washington D.C during his US visit, according to the presidency. This also historical because he will be the first Nigerian president ever to stay in the house which is the US President's official guest house. An invitation by a sitting US President to stay in this historic guest house is regarded in America as an honor of highest significance. When visiting leaders reside here, the flags of their nations fly proudly over Blair House, a courtesy that serves as both a gracious welcome and a symbol of the home's crucial role in diplomatic relations. SSA to Buhari on media & publicity, Shehu Garba shared the photo of him and another Nigerian standing in front of the historic building.
See them below, but the problem now is that Buhari left Nigeria this morning with 33 men in his entourage and no single woman in their fold. Many people don't feel good about it as they consider it against the clamour for gender equality. What do you think?

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