Monday, 20 July 2015

Photo: Nigerian governors show off their potbellies as they arrive US with Buhari

Here is a line up of some of the governors currently in the U.S with President Buhari to see President Obama. They arrived at the Joint Base Andrews Int'l Airport Washington DC yesterday. One thing is common among them—pot belly! Continue to read below with more photos...

It's been said that a fit individual is a physically and mentally alert individual. A look at most of their foreign counterparts shows fit and shapely looking administrators who probably take extra measures in looking healthy to give their best performance to the electorates. With this bevy of pot bellies on display by our governors in America, it is uncertain that these our politicians despite their notoriety for spending millions on cars and other material things spare nothing for their physical health.

Isn't it time they started engaging the services of fitness trainers?

Well, here are more photos of the arrival and Buhari inside the much-talked historic Blair House which is Obama's official guest house. Buhari is the first Nigerian President to be offered a stay there. Continue to see the photos....

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