Tuesday, 14 July 2015

LMAO!!! Checkout how a customer dissed Airtel on Twitter, Airtel reacts

Some customers don't give a hoot at all! The guy above named Shakabula who is an Airtel customer made a complain on their Twitter page. Airtel told him that they have followed him on Twitter so he can send them a direct message (DM), but the guy gave them an embarrassing reply saying he's trying to follow them back but their network is not letting him (meaning it's poor). He then went for their jugular by telling them that he would use his friend's phone with an Etisalat line (a competitor's network) to follow them. That obviously really hurt, as Airtel told him that his response was a 'low blow'. They still tried to be nice by saying it with a smile :), and promised to serve him better.

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