Wednesday, 22 July 2015

LARRYJ ENTERTAINMENT announces the most anticipated comedy show tagged “LARRYJ LIVE"… God sef go laff…”

After the show earlier staged this year where he (LARRY) traveled to London for LARRY J LIVE FROM LAGOS TO LONDON under the umbrella of SALTLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT
LARRY J who was on stage for over an hour thirty minutes, people were full of laughs and the feedback after the show was exceptional, and guests said they are looking forward to the next show. With this feedback, SALTLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT decided to establish a relationship with LARRY J so that whatever he does in Nigeria can be shown in the United Kingdom which includes this concert, LARRY J LIVE 2015.

"LARRY J LIVE 2015" is to bring about:
LAUGHTER: Laughter, we believe is the only thing that works faster than any kind of drug itself because it's the only general language we speak without
shame and is also the remedy to promote in one's self and the environment.
We aim to do this by using the richness of Nigerian talents. We believe that laughter will not only decrease depression in the lives of people but it is also another medium to give something back to the society because laughter is the glue that can bring us together.

COMEDY: Comedy is the tool to getting into the heart of people and also makes them listen to what you have to say.

This concert will feature a number of Nigerian comedians and artists with different styles and genre of music like…
GBENGA ADEYINKA D FIRST: one of the biggest and long standing comedians in Nigeria.

FRANK DONGA: was nominated for the best actor in the comedy category at the 2015 (AFRICAN MAGIC VIEWERS' CHOICE AWARD) very funny appearance.

BOLAJI SAX: he has countless credits of countless successful high profile events, the lists are endless.

FIRST BORN: versatile comedian with impeccable words that would bring laughter from the heart.

FEMI LEYE: Nigeria's youngest and fastest growing contemporary jazz
guitarist that can pull the strings from the heart.

EMMA O MY GOD: he's a music comedian in a very matured way that makes musicians and producers love him.

PETERU: A unique comedian all the way from Ibadan with jokes that would blow your mind. The first comedian to propose on stage at a comedy show.

BIG BOLAJI: His ability to carry the crowd along with his music style and to make them dance even when they never planned to.

NOSA: one of Nigeria's fastest growing contemporary artist with breath taking vocal ability


DATE: August 16, 2015
TIME: 4pm
VENUE: HICC HALL Beside old vfs office, lekki 2nd roundabout.

For enquiries and ticket bookings, please contact
Ope Praise: +234 8178 212 921
Tosin: +234 7034 455 187
Saltlight Productions: +4477 2700 4807

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