Monday, 8 June 2015

Weeks after Davido broke Orijin bottle on MC Galaxy's head, the two artistes finally reconcile (Photo)

Sekem crooner MC Galaxy was reportedly attacked and badly injured on Wednesday night April 15th at producer Shizzi's studio in Lekki. MC Galaxy, Davido, B-Red, Shizzi, Davido's driver, a guy named Lati and other HKN members were at Shizzi's studio working and laughing until suddenly, MC Galaxy told B-Red that he (Galaxy) was more popular than him (B-Red). They starting insulting each other. Davido came out from the studio and asked MC Galaxy to leave because he (Galaxy) was yabbing his boys, and the next thing was that Davido hit him on the back. Davido's driver, Lati, also took over, punching Galaxy and then hit him on the head with an Orijin bottle. MC Galaxy's eyes allegedly swell up over the attack.

The former friends and collaborator have reconciled and are back on talking terms. The Sekem crooner attended Davido's graduation party which held last night at club 57 in Ikoyi. Good for them!

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