Friday, 15 May 2015

You are trekking your future away- Omotola blasts all the people trekking for politicians

By now, it's getting 'uncountable' the number of political trekkers currently in the news after one Hamisu Abubakar made headlines some weeks back and became a sort of celebrity after trekking from Lagos to Abuja in honour of President-elect, Gen. Buhari to fulfill a vow he made prior to the general's victory.

It has now gotten to a level whereby as you read this, there is a Pregnant woman and also another woman with a 40 day old baby trekking.

One woman is trekking from Abuja to Otueke to congratulate Jonathan, while another with a 40 day old baby is trekking to congratulate Buhari in Abuja from Minna.

Omotola has this to say;

"Silly youths trekking their futures away. You don't trek to bring awareness to your suffering plights but you trek to celebrate politicians. SMH!".

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