Thursday, 28 May 2015

Photos: Nigerian babes go gaga over Yusuf Buhari, cute son of President elect Mohammadu Buhari

They can sometimes take it overboard, but Nigerian youths are no doubt obsessed with the social media and that's the easiest way they express their opinions.

Just a few months after the photos of Zahra, one of the beautiful daughters of President-elect, Mohammadu Buhari, was exposed on the internet and everyone began talking about it, it's now the turn of Yusuf Buhari.

When Zahra Buhari's photos hit the internet, the guys had a field day discussing and gushing about how ravishing she looks and this made the name "Zahra" to trend on social netwok, Infact Zahra was the number one trending topic for over 48 hours and it is believed in some quarters that Zahra added to the victory of his father through the votes of the male folks who fell in love with her on the internet.

When a topic trends on Twitter, it simply means it's among the most discussed subject there for that period.

So, the President-elect returned from the U.K yesterday ahead of today's Swearing in, accompanied by his son, Yusuf whom most Nigerians were obviously seeing for the first time and the internet went ablaze once again over another offspring of the Buharis.

Nigerian youths, espcially the babes threw caution into the wind and went gaga over the tall, handsome son of Mohammadu Buhari.

Most of them could not hide their feelings and pour out their minds! Just imagine a lady posting this: @aisha__modibbo posted "Knock Knock Who's there ? Yu... Don't even complete it. Yusuf Buhari I know it's you. Come in."

@HRCuteness wrote; "I dreamt about buhari's son, YUSUF 😻😻😻😻"

Chioma Ogwuegbu with the handle @AfricanCeleb posted;"I'm just pissed we're only just seeing pictures of Yusuf Buhari. Baba could have gotten millions more votes just cos of him."

Another pretty Twitter user named Achalugo with the hand @Ohamiri also wrote "I dated a Hausa bog named Yusuf in my 300 to 400 level. This is a sign that Yusuf Buhari is the man for me."

@heyitsama says; "It's a pity that Yusuf Buhari can only marry four😅"

The male folks are not left out; "Yusuf Buhari don spoilt our market for this year 😢😢 how we go manage now," Says @yellawolf_

@ade15osh, a guy also admitted to Yusuf's good-looks and offered him his girlfriend; "Omo see Yusuf Buhari's side profile. Pls take my girlfriend from me."

Thousands of brazen and hilarious reactions like the above about Yusuf made the young man trend yesterday on Twiter.

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