Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Photos: Three guys had a bloody car accident this morning while coming out of a night club, the chic they picked up came out unhurt!

Here are photos from a fatal accident at Lekki 6th Roundabout by Mobile bus stop this morning which occurred when the white Toyota Camry skidded off the road into the roundabout.

It could have been worse if the car hit the electronic billboard, thanks to a large concrete which stopped the it just before the billboard. The driver is said to be the one in a green shirt/white inner shirt and blue jeans. Someone said that they left a popular night club called The Place in Lekki this morning highly drunk. The guy who drove the car was quoted to have said, "If I'm going to die if I see the sky". No one knows if he died, but from the photos, he is motionless.

The light skinned guy sat at the front and the other guy sat behind with the girl in yellow who they picked up on their way out of the club. But the girl got out unhurt, despite that all the guys are badly injured. The girl does not know them. Also observe th brandy bottle and pack of cigarettes in one of the photos.