Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Nigerians blast Dele Momodu for congratulating Davido after impregnating his cousin outside wedlock (See reactions)

When we reported the story earlier and said "It seems it's now an accepted thing of pride to have a child outside wedlock", we never thought that many more people will feel disappointed over the congratulatory message of Ovation publisher Dele Momodu to Davido and his baby-mama like we did.

If you check many top blogs now, the response to Chief Dele Momodu is not nice at all as people believe it's irresponsible of a person of his caliber to encourage young people to give birth outside wedlock.

Check out some interest submissions on top Nigerian forum, Nairaland and other fora;

"Shame. Dele Momodu congratulating immoral sexual acts that resulted in
pregnancy. Question is, if it were to be a boy not as popular & wealthy as Davido, would he have congratulated them openly?
Its a big SHAME that those we look up to for #Change are as corrupt as the #Change they claim to seek."

"You are congratulating a small boy for impregnating your older mama cousin when they are not legally married..hehe.Nawa.When virtues mattered, someone like momodu wouldn't be allowed to make contibutions in issues that positively affect the society; he could come on the internet and congratulate an illegal union. Maybe he hates his cousin, I doubt if he would have done the same if the lady was his daughter."

King Tom wrote; "In my days, the girl would have been publicly shamed, and Davido the tortoise would have been forced to marry her. But those days are sadly gone "

Miss Classy said; "What has the Nigerian society turned into? What happened to our culture, our morals, our dignity?When did we become this way? Now you have girls giving birth outside of marriage and the public is okay with it. You have young men impregnating young girls and instead of being chastised, they are applauded. When did the Nigerian society degenerate into this? Our youths have forsaken our ethics and laid to waste our african values.
I weep for our tomorrow. My heart bleeds for the future of this great nation."

"See Life, the son of a billionaire pregnated a girl old enough to be his aunt, his cousin congratulated him - If na one random guy try this rubbish, he for rot for jail. See wetin money dey cause?,"another user wrote.

Someone wrote; "Are they married? NO! It is only irresponsible and embarrassing giving birth out of wedlock when the father of your child is a broke-aass," said another Nairaland user.

Ammyluv2002 wrote; "We are in trouble o! Even elders now supports Baby mamas? Wahala dey o"

Another blast the publisher saying; "The Momodus must be a very irresponsible family. And Dele chairs them."

What do you think?

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