Friday, 1 May 2015

Musician Charly Boy vows to ride his bike from Nigeria to China for Buhari if...

While many are still finding it hard to decipher the rationale behind this trekking trends among some of Buhari's supporters, Nigerian entertainer Charly Boy has also vowed to travel long distant for the general but in a different way.

Charly boy is not going to travel within Nigeria but to faraway China and on his powerbike, if Buhari makes one Naira equal one U.S Dollar in the next four years.

He went on Twitter to announce; "Una remember d guy wey trek from Lagos to Abuja? Another Malam wan ride bicycle from Sokoto to Abuja. Aall for General Buhari, hummmmmm. Makachukwu, if Buhari fit make 1Naira become 1Dollar, in the next 4 years. I go ride my bike from Abuja to China I swear. "

Can Buhari really make one Naira become one Dollar in the next four years? Well, they say nothing is impossible.

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