Saturday, 30 May 2015

Massive criticisms over the release of official portrait of First Lady, Aisha Buhari

The new president of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari during his presidential campaign promised that there will no longer be an office of the First Lady. He said he was going to scrap it. But just hours ago, the Presidency released these photos which it claimed will be the official photos of Aisha Buhari as the first Lady of Nigeria. To that effect, Aisha has also reportedly close down her beauty business, Hanzy Spa and Hanzy Beauty Institute. The beauty Institute was the first beauty institute in Northern Nigeria.

Since the victory of her husband in late March, Mrs. Buhari closed down the beauty parlour to take up the new role as Nigeria's First Lady.

Many people are currently of the opinion that President Buhari has reneged on his promise to scrap the office of the first lady and if he cannot fulfill such a simple promise, how can he be counted on to fulfill even bigger promises he made to Nigerians.

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