Sunday, 19 April 2015

YOU WILL CRY AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO – See how they're burning these African immigrants alive in South Africa

Here is a video footage reported to be that of one of the many ongoing xenophobic attacks on African foreigners on the Street of Durban in South-Africa. The horrible video shows the killing of some children of African immigrants. The children were first beaten, tied up, the men poured gasoline on their body and then burnt them alive even as a crowd of South Africans cheered them on! Is it a must to live in South Africa? You guys should come back to your countries since they don't want you anymore, instead of being killed like cows! This is sad! See the video after the pics below. Also share the video around and let the world see it, because a lot of evils is go on in South Africa right now and government is acting like nothing is happening. This evils are also affecting Nigerians based in South-Africa too. Most of us have someone we know in that country, God will not allow our loved ones to be victims...


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