Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rihanna's photos allegedly sniffing cocaine inside a tour bus sparks social media reactions (See Photos)

Rihanna fell into a messy scandal today after a new video showing her 'sniffing' something was posted on instagram. The video was was quickly deleted after fans called her out for allowing a video of her 'sniffing' to be posted online. In the 15sec video, the singer, who was partying with her girls on a tour bus after attending the Coachella Music Festival, was sitting at a table with what looked like a slim white tube in her hands as her friends dance around her. The camera cuts to her friends, then turns to Rihanna, who is now seen holding her nose.  Many said she was sniffing cocaine but Rihanna later took to instagram to claim she rolling a joint, with Cigarette rolling papers and was not sniffing anything. Many didn't believe her. See more photos below and her reaction...

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