Saturday, 4 April 2015

Ladies, do you really want to have a 'figure 8' shape? This could be your best solution

If you haven't heared about it already, there is something called waist-training which a lot of ladies have been into for a while now. It's done by wearing a waist-cinching corset around the waist which over time helps to cinch or shrink the waist thereby giving you a curvy(figure 8) shape. The likes of Kim Kardashian and other international celeb are reported to use it to success, and their Nigeria counterparts too are not left out. There are mix feelings about its overal safety, but marketers of the waist cinchers are claiming it's safe and we are yet to have any reported case of adverse effect about it. The product is in Nigeria if you are interested. But we don't know how safe it is. You may consult your doctor first, if you feel you need to waist-train and also do some more research online about it.

Just this morning, celebrity hair & makeup stylist, Edee Beau took to instagram to show the amazing transformation her body went through after months of waist training(see before and after photo above). See another photo of Edee Beau below...

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