Monday, 6 April 2015

I am not a miracle worker, Do not expect miracles - Buhari

Speaking on the war against Boko Haram in an interview with BBC, Muhmmadu Buhari, Nigeria's President-elect told Nigerians not to expect him to perform miracles once he assumes power come May 29th.

Buhari stated that the triumph against the sect members would not be immediately achieved once he gets into power but said with cooperation from Neighboring countries and the commitment of the military, the war would be won in a short time

"For five, six years, the Nigerian enforcement law agencies, including the military, couldn't secure 14 Local Governments. How can I promise miracles when I come? But with the cooperation of our neighbours Cameroon, Chad, Niger and the international community, and the commitment we are going to get from the military, I think it will take us a much shorter time to deal with it", he said.