Thursday, 16 April 2015

Celebrity bleacher, Pela Okiemute shows that bleaching runs in his family as he shares photo of himself and his sister before & after bleaching (See pics)

Pela Okiemute is no new name in the beauty industry being one of the top apostles of skin bleaching.

This week, Okiemute who uses his own product to turn himself from dark to light many years ago, shows to the world that bleaching runs in his family.

He shared a photo-mix of himself on social media sparking reactions.

The photo mix shows him and his sister before after they've bleached.The bleaching cream expert's aim was to show off the difference between when they weren't using his bleaching creams (left) and after they used it.

The reason many blacks continue to bleach out their skins has remain a mystery to observers, the trend continue to grow in spite of campaigns against it that the practice can have negative health effect such as skin cancer.

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