Thursday, 5 March 2015

Photos: 58 Police officers with families notified of eviction from their residence at Ikeja Police College

This story and photos was just shared by a Police officer.... I'm a Police Officer serving in Lagos and a victim of what follows. 23 days to the start of national elections and 58 police officers with their families are about to be thrown out on the streets!

An order to this effect - that the police officers vacate their temporary place of abode latest Monday 9th of March 2015-,  was given by the Commandant of Police College Ikeja, CP Tunde Sobulo at a meeting he had with the officers on Thursday, 5th of March.

It will be recalled that National dailies like The Punch newspaper, Daily Independent and Leadership Newspaper ran stories on the 5th of March about the miserable plight of these officers who dwell in highly unsanitary and crowded hostels despite the completion of renovation work begun on their houses in September 2014.

That this eviction only affects residents of Band Block 1 & 2 -quarters meant for junior officers-, whereas the entire College was renovated is telling.

This injustice is made worse by the fact that despite not residing in their houses for the last six months, these officers have had rent ranging from 6,000-22,000 Naira deducted monthly from their salaries.

It is disheartening that a cry for justice and improved living conditions is being met by such retrogressive action. That people in service of their nation will be treated as such does not bode well for the morale of our service men.

How can the police protect our lives and properties when their properties are on the streets and their families have no place to stay? Well meaning Nigerians, please help.

P.s. the pictures show the renovated building and properties littering the environment in various state of decay. These properties were covered with tapolin and have been in the open air since September and most are now damaged.

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