Saturday, 7 March 2015

Paul of Psquare displays his stupidity again on social media

Etcetera was right when he said that, the fact that some of these celebrities are talented, doesn't mean that they are intelligent. Paul Okoye of P-Square shared the above photo which has attracted serious backlash from his fans. The photo shows the moment a terrorist organization named one of their members to become a suicide bomber. Any sane person should know that such a photo is insensitive and offensive in this era of global terror challenges, but not paul Okoye who shared it with the caption "I nominate Mohammed for the next suicide bomber mission". He was obviously trying to diss Gen. Buhari of APC, but Nigerians began blasting him for his exhibition of lack of common sense and he was immediately humiliated to take down the picture. You see, talent and good looks doesn't necessarily translate into brain! What a shame! It's embarrassing when adults feel that they can just post anything on social media; this was the same guy who shared a photo of his erect penis some months back on Instagram. SMH.