Sunday, 8 March 2015

Gov Rochas Okorocha Preaching and meditating on the Bible(Must-See Pics)

Didn't they say that the amiable governor of Imo state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is an Alhaji? What won't these political Propagandists do to discredit an achiever all in the name of politics? There is nothing bad in being an Alhaji, but for Propagandists to embark on a massive misinformation and brainwashing of Imolites and Nigerians that he is a Alhaji when he is not and that this hardworking governor is paying every indigen N5million to convert to Islam is worst injustice to God and man. Those close to the Governor will swear with their lives that he is a man with passion for God, hence his recent building of a magnificent chapel for worshiping God inside the State house, the photos of which went viral last month.

They'd also confirm to you that Okorocha begins and ends his day with God; he even has a mini chapel in his home. Now here are some recent exclusive photos of the governor reading his bible and even preaching/leading prayers.

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