Monday, 19 January 2015

Photos: Was Ini Edo cheating on her ex-husband before they split?

Ini Edo is dating colleague, Mike Godson! Could you believe that? She only just left her husband Philip Ehiagwina. This has left us wondering if she wasn't even seeing the actor before she ended her marriage with philip? Except of course, if love has now become this cheap and easy to pick up like a piece of cloth on a shelf, then this guy has definitely been rocking Ini Edo's boat before she divorced her former husband! To be fair to both however, we also heard that Mr. Philip is also getting married to soon as he is now in a very serious relationship with a Nigerian lady based in Ghana. Can some people ever breath a second nowadays without being in a relationship? Or should we just say that they both had Plan B?

It looks like the dude just finished tantalising Ini Edo in the photo above. Just saying ;)

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