Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Photos: That Buhari's daughter is not really that fine after all?

This morning we brought you a story titled 'Power of Beauty! Gen. Buhari's beautiful daughter, Zahra becomes No. 1 trending topic on Twitter after her photos leaked online'. We are having a change of mind! Now don't get us wrong, not that Zahra is not fine at all, infact we think she is a natural African woman but she is not as much as the hype if the above photo of her provided by twitter user @thisisnotbuhari(a parody twitter account created after the real Buhari) is anything to go by. Zahra's is just another case of an instagram user who filters her photos to look more appealing to the eyes. It's just about putting your best pics forward. You may call it the power of filter. See the full unfiltered photo below. This photo of Zahra Buhari sources say was taken at the wedding of her sister Halima video during her wedding to Babagana Sherrif, allegedly a son of former Bornu State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff.

Below is a photo of Zahra's sister Halima with their mum at General Buhari's campaign in Ogun state...

But this we must add, Zahra is a well mannered and very humble lady which shows that she is well brought judging from her mature response to all the social media frenzy. What could be more beautiful?

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