Wednesday, 14 January 2015

MUSIC; Otto Vonpablo- Dancing Year Ft. Temple Rap

One thing you are very sure to get from Otto Vonpablo when ever you press play will be an uplifting lyrical content, graciously laced with sweet melodies ; neo-afro pop grooves cooked with mystic ingredients of eclectic flavors.

Otto Vonpablo has declared, "it's going to be a dancing year, a year of breaking forth into joyous realm of love and laughter...come what may...let no circumstance steal the dance from beneath your feat, or kill the songs from your lips."

This is episode 1 of 3, and it sure promises to put a good dance on our feet...2 and 3 comes up Feb and march let's "shut up and dance"

"If art is dead, then I am the resurrection"- otto vonpablo
For those of you who are not conversant with the name Otto Vonpablo, he is born Otto Paul Adah, though largely known as the Founding President of one of the most influential Youth Organization in Nigeria (The All Talented Christian's club, ATCCLUB), Otto is also a renowned Author; Poet, prolific song writer and Actor, multiple Award winning social scientist and life coach. Otto is an enigmatic but illustrious personage, quite difficult to categorize, such that is typical of nobody else.

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