Monday, 19 January 2015

Fake Muna Obiekwe apologises, finally admits Twitter account is fake(See Tweet)

When we reported the story of the death of actor Muna Obiekwe yesterday, many of you insulted us on BBM saying we were spreading fake news. Despite our efforts to let you understand that we know our job well and will never give you false information, most of you still chose to believe this Muna Obiekwe's impostor on Twitter. We even told most of you that the Twitter acct was fake, but you chose not to believe us. Well, that dude has apologised as you can now see below...

Because of this dude, some people still believe that Muna Obiekwe is alive. Next time believe us if you don't want to be misinformed, Lol. R.I.P to Muna, it's too sad though.

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