Saturday, 13 December 2014

Uche Jombo confirms that she lost her pregnancy (See Tweets)

Uche Jombo who announced her pregnancy before Mercy Johnson (who has now given birth) unfortunately lost her baby while she was in the US. For days now many blogs have been reporting that she suffered a miscarriage recently especially as she was expected to have since delivered. She also appeared on the red carpet of an even a few days back with a totally flat tummy which left many confuse and guessing that indeed she had a miscarriage. It looked like a rumour, but these tweets from the actress has confirmed that it is true even if she doesn't want to mention the word 'miscarriage'.

However, we gathered that she and her Puerto Rican husband Kenny Rodriguez were able to put in effort to get her pregnant again. We pray that the very fresh pregnancy stays this time around.

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