Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Popular Psychologist Adejoro Olumofin writes to Single Ladies above age 30

Letter To The Ladies Volume 5. (Because you're 30 and single doesn't mean you should throw in the Towel) - written by Flamboyant Psychologist Adejoro Olumofin

As a result of the pressure from friends, family and close associates, when some ladies reach age 30 and there are no visible suitors in sight, they develop some Personality Traits or Defense Mechanisms which may not be in their best interest because they conform to societal views and build a mindset that makes them see less of themselves like they think society does. They then believe there's little or no hope at all for them anymore and they are emotionally tired of making themselves available to potentials.

For example they stop going out totally, stop bothering about their makeup or fashion acumen, they say things like " I'm too old to do this, I'm too old to attend this function / event" or too old to go to the club, looking down on every guy who may not be their preference because they have achieved alot at their age and some guys may not meet their standard or pay grade and all other excuses.

What they don't know is that by staying indoors and saying i'm too old for this and that, or being overly picky, they lose out on chances to network and socialise so how will they meet people or even Mr. Right?  If you're interested in settling down, no guy will break into your house to court you.

From my first hand experience, i have some lady friends who are 30 years old and above who still look smashing and stunning and also give  21 year old Ladies a run for their money, they also have loads of potentials and suitors.These ladies have not allowed the " 30 year Old syndrome" and societal pressure get to them, rather they are living gracefully while trusting in God. 

Ladies, If you don't see the good in yourself or your potentials, no one will. Say no to the societal pressure and live life rather than get broken.
You wont overcome this phase if you're emotionally broken. 

Lets encourage our sisters and friends dealing with this "Pressure" because society and its norms are not too friendly towards them. 

In my opinion 30 is the new 25 and age is just a number and state of mind. The way you carry yourself emotionally,  physically,  spiritually and Psychologically determine how a guy will treat you not your age.

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