Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lol! See what they wrote about Wiz Khalifa's sex tape(18+)

Rapper Wiz Khalifa was reportedly tricked into making a sex tape with a play boy model, a tape he's been trying to stop from being released. He thought they were just shooting a movie with the tempting model, but when an opportunity came for him at the location, he had sex with the girl. He didn't know there were secret cameras somewhere around. It was a set up. Now, some people have seen the sextape, and they say Wiz Khalifa is a monster under. Report from MTO below... 

" got a private screening of the Wiz Khalifah sextape . . . and let us tell you . . . it is amazing. Rapper Wiz Khalifah may have the biggest d**k that we've ever seen . . . even bigger than those porno dudes. At one point - it was close to the models head . . and Wiz d**k was so massive it's bigger than her head. And that White chick has a big head. By our measurement - the thing has to be at least 13 inches. We're told to expect an official leak this weekend. Trust us, when you see it, it'll be worth it!