Sunday, 21 December 2014

Grazee Stitches dazzles at Nigerian Fashion Week 2014

The Nigerian Fashion Week which is one of Nigeria's most respected fashion exhibition platforms, has come and gone, but everyone who witnessed the event will not forget in a hurry the glitz and glamour that lit up show , especially the participation of Spanish designers Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, of the famous Prada family. One of the most talked about aspect of the show was the eclectic display of vibrant colours and designs from many established and emerging Nigerian designers including talented Abuja based designer, Grazee Stitches.

...Grace Ibironke-Ojo, CEO/Creative Director@ Grazee Stitches

Grazee Stitches, a fashion line known for its simple and stylish style tries to blend in Western style into African designs. "Because I’m coming from a corporate world, I’m trying to encourage indigenous, African fabrics to be incorporated into corporate fashion. I want a situation whereby we can wear our own African fabrics to the office and our bosses will not think we are out of place," Grace Ibironke-Ojo the creative Director/CEO of Grazee Stitches explains what influences the unique designs being churn out by her emerging fashion line. 

At this year's Nigerian Fashion Week, Grazee Stitches wowed the crowd with her unique and creative designs tailored around the theme of this year's event “Going Green”, making sure her designs and fabrics emphasized on that even as hundrends of guests and fashion afficionados both from home and internationally got stunned.

She speaks more about her participation; "At this year's NFW, I showcased what people can wear in the corporate world, what they can wear to evening outing and just everyday casual wears all with the Ankara fabrics. I just generally tried to express my talent and creativity with the African Fabric." An enthusiastic Grace continues; "It’s awesome. It’s great to be in the midst of so many other designers and you’ll see so much competition in the industry but for me, it’s not about competition; it’s about self-expression. It’s an eye-opener for me because I’ve been challenged and also seen that I can do better. I’ve been encouraged because so many people walked up to me to appreciate my designs and I got very eye-opening feed-backs. It’s a good stepping point for me and I realised I’m on the right track."

As 2015 beckons, it's no doubt that Grazee Stitches is here to take her rightful position in the burgeoning Nigerian Fashion industry, and the already established international stage as well. Grace Ibironke-Ojo, who finished her first degree and second degree at Bayero University, Kano and went on to bag her third degree at the National Open University of Nigeria, is from Ekiti state. She hinted us a little on parts of her plans for 2015; "By God’s grace next year I hope to showcase my designs at the African Reception in Paris. I look forward to that."

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